The unusual dressmaker


“Amo la gente che si ama, che sa amarsi. Ha un vestito migliore cucito addosso con l’ago dell’anima. E lo regala, senza guardare la misura. Perché l’amore non si prova, si indossa direttamente.”

"I love the people who love, who know how to love each other. They have a better dress, sewn on with the needle of the soul. And they give it, without looking at the size. Because love cannot be measured, cannot be tried. It must be worn directly."

M. Bisotti
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GQ senior digital editor John Jannuzzi uses Paper to capture fashion inspiration on the go. His latest creation features Pencil for quick line sketching and blending. (See how the watercolors softly blur on the sweater.)

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Always love a black cat.  They are so majestic, mysterious, and just simply drop dead gorgeous.  I fantasize having one, especially when I’m picking up white hair all over my clothes. One day I will have one.  Meanwhile, I have this one.



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